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Sarah Phillips

Sarah Phillips is a main protagonist of Liberty's Kids. She is a 15-year old Teenage girl from England. At her first appearance, she is a firm loyalist who doesn't believe in James', Henri's and Moses' ideas that the King shouldn't be in charge. Sarah tries to write to her mother every day about her adventures in America with James and Henri and is very proud of her father's work scouting the Ohio Territory.


Sarah Phillips is a fifteen year-old British girl who comes to America in 1773 on the Dartmouth the night of the Boston Tea Party. She is kind and a good friend but is very opinionated and a bit snobby, especially towards James, when it comes to the supremacy of England. This tends to go away by the end of the series. When she first arrives in the colonies, she is loyal to the King and believes England can do nothing wrong. As time moves on, she grows to understand the colonists and their struggle for freedom. Her confusion on which side to chooses stays with her throughout the series, but she often helps the colonists while continuing to side with her Loyalist parents. By the end of the series, she sides with the colonists. She teases James and Henri and scolds them often for not behaving politely, and it is stated that she can write well and spell much better than James. She writes a few articles for the Pennsylvania Gazette. In the Battle of Lexington and Concord, Sarah's older cousin Tom is shot and dies. It is assumed that she comes from a noble family, as her mother has the title of "Lady" and her father, a Major in the British Army, is a personal friend of the King (King George the III).


James Hiller: James was the first person Sarah met when she arrived in America when he attempted to rescue her from the Dartmouth during the Boston Tea Party. Sarah had at first hit him over the head, thinking he was an Indian, and the two argued before James learned who Sarah was. Sarah and James often argue about their different political views, James being a patriot and Sarah a loyalist. James' tendency to record events only from the colonists' point of view is the reason that Sarah becomes a journalist, writing from a British perspective for the Pennsylvania Gazette. She often teases James about his poor spelling, grammar and impolite ways, but they continue to be good friends to each other and speak to each other about how they miss their parents. James uses the gold from his mother's ring to create a replacement locket from Sarah after she loses her locket from her father.

In the beginning of the series, Sarah can not stand James, often criticizing his poor manners and grammar. However, over the course of the series, Sarah becomes a close friend to James, and it is hinted that the pair share romantic feelings for one another.

Henri: Sarah only wants what's best for Henri, and she cares for him in the manner of a mother or an older sister. Henri often goes to James for advice on childish things, but he knows that Sarah offers the responsible advice. Sarah feels sorry that he is an orphan and comforts him on this. Like Moses she wants him to learn to read and write, and scolds him on manners as she does with James. Although Henri is a patriot he is less polarizing about his views then James and so he and Sarah get along better in day-to-day life.

Moses: Sarah looks to Moses for guidance, and thinks of him as a kind, responsible adult. She respects him for being a slave, then overcoming it, as she is vehemently against slavery. As Dr. Franklin is often overseas he is her and the boys' main caretaker.

Benjamin Franklin: Sarah looks up to Franklin as a respectable man and appreciates him taking her in. It is through her mother that Sarah came to stay with Dr. Franklin, as her mother is old friends with him.

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